Welcome to Hinchingbrooke Archery Club

COVID-19 – While the country is in lock down we will not be shooting to keep our members safe.   However it is deemed now safe to return to shooting provided approved governing body guidelines are followed.

Return to Shooting

The guidelines in place are that we must maintain social distancing while shooting.  This means each archer will have their own boss.  This will require setting up the field with bosses 3m apart (AGB guidelines says 2.5 but we will use 3 to ensure distances)   This will effectively split the field into lanes with each archer with their own lane.

Shooting will be on your boss and you will collect your own arrows.  Arrow hunts will be rather solitary so please be careful with your shooting.

Please do not mix in the car parks or on the field, please maintain distance (unless you are from the same household).

We are encouraged to arrive, shoot and leave only and maintaing distancing the whole time.  This is also to ensure we are not labelled as a social gathering but rather people taking part in a sport.

Please bring your own Equipment, masks and hand gel as per guidelines.

You can bring your chair, drinks etc but please stay in your shooting lane.

Please do not shoot at home

We appreciate that our members want to get out and shoot and some will think the logical answer is to shoot in your home or garden, but we are urging you not to.

Please remember that you are not insured to physically shoot at home because Archery GB insurance only insures members shooting at Archery GB registered ranges. If you attend a venue that allows you to shoot, you must check that you are covered by the venue’s insurance or maintain your own.

Members are only insured to shoot at Archery GB registered ranges. We cannot manage the level of risk shooting at home, archery is a very safe sport because of the rules that we all adhere to. We cannot guarantee that home ranges will adhere to the rules of shooting and we don’t have the resources to carry out the relevant risk assessments.

We are small club welcoming adults to the sport of archery.

We only have members over the age of 18.

We are a social club who generally worry more about a cup of tea than what our score is but we do enjoy our archery as well.

We shoot most styles of bow except crossbows.

Drinking tea was never so much fun