About The Club

The club was created in 1996 and in the early years had predominantly Police Officers as members incorporating their archery club.  However, as time progressed, more members of the general public joined and the original group of Police Officers who requested the formation of the club moved on.

In 2007 a period of change emerged for the club as it was forced to vacate its original premises because the gym was seconded by the Police for their own use and it was no longer possible to shoot on that field.

Alternative venues were sourced and time was spent at various locations around Huntingdon before its move to Hartford Junior School in 2009. Due to COVID 19 in 2020 we were unable to use Hartford.  We now shoot at St Ives Golf Club during the summer season and money allowing shout at Hinchingbrooke School during the winter season and for a winter league competition.  We also visit  for come and try events and other shoots in the ‘summer'(it might only be March).   We hold various events throughout the year, including our own competitions, both recognised rounds as well as fun shoots, along with various social events such as a summer barbeque and Christmas meal or visit to an Archery shop.
Hinchingbrooke have visited various local clubs, both as a group and individually, in order to attend their competitions, as well as taking part in field and clout shoots.

There are two resident Archery GB approved coaches who undertake beginners’ courses throughout the year and they can offer help and advice with regard to the purchase of all archery equipment, as well as recommending a selection of professional shops that can accommodate both new and experienced archers. We remain a small, but friendly, club who welcome new archers into the sport and whilst a high score is always the aim, our ethos is on fun and enjoyment of our sport.

We also drink tea – LOTS of tea.

Here are the Rules of Shooting for reference.  These are the rules all Archery GB archers adhere to.

Drinking tea was never so much fun