We run several shoots through the year –

In January we hold the Soup Shoot.

This is usually a clout suitable for those that cannot reach a full distance.  We also have soup to warm up as it is usually really cold!

In March we hold the Harry West Memorial Shoot

This might be a clout or a field shoot but wont be a target shoot!  Harry was a popular long time member of the club and could always be relied on to take part in a clout or field event but never really bothered with target.  He was ALWAYS ready for tea and biscuits (or bacon rolls if any were going)!

Harry West Memorial Clout 2024

This year it was sunny and slightly warm for a bit but the clouds came and it got cold.  As this happened we tried to finish quickly then go to the pub for tea and cake.  


1st – Steve West
2nd – Anna Grantham
3rd – Emma Whitehead


Harry West Memorial Clout 2022

The weather wasn’t bad and was quite nice when the sun came out.  The field wasn’t too squishy and was actually quite hard where the arrows were!

Harry’s last field shoot at Mepal, Harry on the Right.

We also have a Summer Barbecue and we might shoot……….

We also hold a Halloween Shoot.  
Which is a vegetarian field shoot – this time the vegetables were a little small.

Drinking tea was never so much fun